Phase 1 RC

Phase1RC is the first European manufacturer specializing in professional production of bumpers and similar accessories for Basher-RC-Cars.

Who is behind Phase1RC? 
Phase1RC is founded by Stefan Beer and his partner Dunja. Both of us are enthusiastic RC car fans. Stefan has been involved in model building for over 20 years. We also have a team of 1-2 employees who handle packaging and other tasks. Additionally, we have loyal customers and dealers who have trusted and supported us throughout the years.

Where are Phase1RC products manufactured? 
Phase1RC are 100% Made in Germany! Our manufacturing process starts with CAD design, followed by material sourcing, CNC milling, further processing, shaping, and packaging. We utilize two CNC portal milling machines with vacuum technology to secure the material. We also conduct in-house vibratory grinding for further processing. Our company is situated in the beautiful Ederbergland region in Hesse. Since our establishment in 2017, we have maintained relationships with the same suppliers, ensuring consistent quality and efficient order processing.

What products does Phase1RC offer?
Phase1RC primarily supplies RC-Car Bumpers and Mudguards for popular Basher-Models and Brands such as Team Corally, Arrma, Traxxas, Tekno, and more. We continuously expand our product range and thoroughly examine new models that may be suitable. Additionally, we design new product lines, including fan grilles made of colored acrylic, shock socks in various designs, and more.

Why should customers choose Phase1RC products?
Phase1RC products are renowned for their durability and precise CNC machining. We do not rely on 3D printing for production. Our parts are delivered ready to use, eliminating the need for additional modifications by the end customer. We provide all our products with high-quality industrial screws. In case of any complaints, Phase1RC stands by the customer and ensures their satisfaction. With six years of experience in bumper manufacturing, we have established a strong presence in the German market and beyond. Our plastics meet industrial standards, combining toughness, flexibility, and durability. Depending on the article and application, we utilize two different plastics with slight variations in their properties.

All our customers can expect precise, the toughest and highest quality products that are "Made in Germany" from Phase1RC.

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