About us

Pro Models Distribution Essence

Advantages for Our Customers
We're dedicated to maximizing customer value. Boasting a collection of top-tier and quality-guaranteed R/C brands, we consistently seek innovative ways to cater to our retailers. Our goal? To ensure their clientele derive immense pleasure from their purchases.

Your Ideal Business Ally
Our ambition? To be the partner you always wanted. We forge enduring business ties with competence and unwavering responsibility. These bonds are enriched with trust, consistency, and a commitment to deliver as promised.

Goals of Pro Models Distribution
Our vision is to evolve as a premier distributor of superior R/C brands in Europe, maintaining a keen emphasis on customer contentment and exemplary service. This will propel overall sales and ensure consistent, forward-looking growth. Our promise to our distribution allies? A relationship built on loyalty, transparency, and an ambition to elevate brand recognition. We aim to uphold and promote brand excellence in the R/C domain.

Why Retailers Choose Pro Models Distribution
We stand as a formidable strategic ally, providing unparalleled account management championed by a team that's both agile and trustworthy. Beyond offering top-grade brands at competitive terms, we devise winning sales strategies, bolstering our clients' market position and profitability. Our advanced semi-automated storage facility, coupled with a 24/7 online B2B order platform, establishes us as a front-runner among R/C suppliers.

Why Top R/C Brands partner with Pro Models Distribution
We operate as a value-boosting distributor with a mission to amplify our suppliers' growth. Our seasoned teams, armed with crucial market relationships, aid our expansive clientele in proficiently navigating the R/C market dynamics. Feedback from our most recent partner review? We outperform competitors in dependability, product quality, and swift responsiveness.